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Charlene M., Santa Clarita, CA

Thank you for this AMAZING class!!! Truly one of a kind. Incredible dreams thereafter…Dancing and shaking my body while a look of judgment came from across the room, I cared not! I felt no more judgment for being a sexy vixen! When I left your class, every part of my body tickled with delight. I became empowered and in love with every inch of my body as you were when you were dancing. It gave me permission to be that too. I felt more powerful and expanded than ever! There is no class or experience that comes close to it. I gathered much more than I had imagined. You’re AMAZING and so inspiring Patty. I am immensely and infinitely grateful for you!

Annette M., Alhambra, CA

What an incredible class and gathering of women, WAY more than I had hoped for. Thank you so much for creating this class Patty! So grateful for you!!!

Sophie M., Pasadena, CA

Patty Alfonso is one sexy woman. But this is not why I completely loved her Pole Dancing for Consciousness class. It just added to the pleasure. I loved her class because it was so different and refreshing. It allowed me to explore everything I have not dared to ask about sexuality and being me in regards to sexuality. It also easily tied up to all other areas of my life. The tools Patty uses are dynamic and very easy to use. Sometimes so easy that I wondered why we make this so hard? I wonder what else is possible for me and my body now? Heehee.

Curtrice G., Carlsbad, CA

My body has been so good since class! I’ve been making a conscious effort to be present with my body, releasing stress, playing more and dancing to my ipod a couple times this week. This all feels amazing of course! I’d like to add that I enjoy your facilitation. Seeing you embodying sexualness, feminine presence, joy and potency is inspiring.

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