Are you trying to be “good”?  Is it destroying you? 

It destroyed me for most of my life.  It was 9 years ago that my body and I said YES to Pole Dancing.  

I knew this choice would change my life forever.  What I didn’t know, was how deeply The Pole would contribute to every aspect of what I wanted to BE in the world.

Every energy I used to destroy myself, The Pole invited me to unlock it and embody it with total pleasure.  

Growing up I had to uphold the image of perfection.

Be a good girl.
Do what you’re told.
Be quiet.
Sit still.
Don’t talk back.
Don’t rock the boat or be too different.

I put on a smile for everyone else while dying on the inside.

I rebelled.
I resisted.
I argued.
I fought.

And eventually…

I suppressed.

I turned all that energy inward and directed it at myself.

It resulted in a complete lockdown of everything that was beautiful about me.

Good thing I was a fighter.

When I couldn’t stand being that way anymore, I stopped fighting against everyone else and began fighting for myself.  As I chose things that would make me happy, no matter what anyone else thought, I found myself again.

All the parts of myself I had shut down and locked up.

I hesitated posting these pictures.  They’re so dark and intense.  But I love them.  They show a side of me not many get to see in public. And I’m done hiding.  The time is now.

I wonder though…what’s the value of pretending to be happy all of the time?

In addition to being joyful, playful and flirty, I am also deep, intense, fierce and sensual.

All of those energies exist within me simultaneously… all of the time…

I had to get over the point of view that any of them were wrong and bad – even though that’s what I was told over and over again.

Always alive and moving.  I don’t shut anything down anymore.

It has been The Pole that has facilitated me into embodying ALL of these energies.  The Pole has no point of view.  The Pole can handle all the energies I be in any given moment.  It stands strong and stays with me no matter what I throw at it.

Do you have anyone in your life that can be that for you?

My Erotic Creature is dark and potent as f**ck.  She’s the one that says “no more” and owns it unapologetically.  She’s the one that creates the space for me to ALSO be joyful and playful.  She’s the one that drives me to be more of me in the world.

A lot of people don’t get me.  That’s ok.  You can’t “get” me.

At least not on a logical level.

For the first time in my life, I’m ok with that.

I don’t need to prove anything and I don’t need you to like me.

What I need is to be ALL of me.  No matter what that may look like to anyone else.

That’s what I came here to BE.  Everything.

What about you?

Did you know that when you shut down one energy, you’re shutting down all energies?

You can’t be ALL of you when half of you is locked away in a box never to be seen.

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