What is embodied joy?

  • Embodied joy is the kind of joy that permeates and infuses every cell and molecule of your body AND your being
  • Embodied joy is vibrant with delightful.
  • Embodied joy is expansive, generative and contagious.
  • Embodied joy radiates from every pore of your body and being.
  • Embodied joy reverberates exuberantly throughout your entire life and living.

You know someone has embodied joy when you look into their eyes and your whole world expands.

It really wasn’t until I brought this energy into movement with my body,  that I got the sense of what it is to truly embody joy.

How does joy show up in bodies?  This is what it looked like for me….

(Song credit:  Bayo by Michael Brun)

I just wrapped up my latest Body: Friend or Foe? webinar and my body and I were so joyful and happy! The energy was so expansive I brought it to the Pole and WOW!

The way embodied joy showed up for me was bouncy and playful.

My body wanted to prance around.

She tussled her hair and made funny faces.

She wanted to fly (I love flying on the pole)

She giggled, flirted, smiled and teased.

We were vibrant, vivacious and shiny and we wanted the whole world to play with us!

What does joy and pleasure look like for your body?

What’s beyond pretense?

I haven’t  always been joyful.

I put on a fake smile for a long time.  It’s what I was supposed to do…

Pretend to be happy.

Pretend to be perfect.

Pretend everything was ok, when it wasn’t…

Sound familiar?

It seems to be something we are entrained to do.  To pretend and prove that we’re happy and we’ve got it all together.

Have you ever been around people who are pretending or proving they’re happy?   I know this discrepancy well as I lived it for so long…

On the surface it seems they are happy and yet, you KNOW something is askew.

You’re uncomfortable, you can’t quite put your finger on it.

You doubt yourself because they “seem so happy”.

Might you be aware of the façade?

The energy that is beyond the front they are creating?

Here are 3 easy tips to invite true joy into your life:

      1. Go out and do something FUN for you!

Do something that makes you laugh so uncontrollably you think you want to pee your pants.  Then, allow that joy to infuse every area of your body and molecules. Expand your energy out beyond your body, beyond the city you live in, beyond the Earth out towards the Sun and Pluto and beyond.   And ask the energy to exponentializeeven more.

      2. Celebrate yourself!

Every chance you get, acknowledge the greatness of you.  Invite gratitude for you into your life. Allow yourself to be happy for you AND everyone around you.  We’re not taught to be happy for ourselves. go ahead, I give you permission to celebrate and acknowledge yourself every day!

      3. Dance!

Find a song that creates joy for you and your body and dance like no one is watching!  Allow yourself to be silly, bouncy and fun. Laugh at yourself and with yourself and enJOY yourself.

How does your body want to be touched when she (or he) is in a true space of joy?

What if you found a song or a movement that invited true joy into your body, life and living?

How much fun can you have?

If you’d like more embodied joy, come play with me  in the Body Love Club.

What does YOUR body love?

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