Have you ever walked in the rain and allowed it to caress every inch of your skin?

Have you ever eaten anything that exploded in your mouth and expanded every cell in your body?

Have you ever gotten dressed and felt so good that everyone you talked to that day complemented you?

What about dancing?  Have you ever just allowed your body to move the way it wants to move?  Not trying to doanything, just being the dance?

It took me half of my life to be able to say yes to these questions.

As a matter of fact, if you had asked me these questions about a year ago I would not have know what you meant at all!

I began my journey with pole dancing in 2011.  I could tell you that when I first heard about pole dancing, I was shocked at the idea of stripping as a way of working out.  That would be a total lie though.  My body practically leaped at the chance to pole dance.  So much so that when I was looking for belly dancing classes, she actually led me to a pole dancing studio instead!  Smart body…

I remember going to a strip club in college.  I was in awe of the women who were working there.  The way they sashayed their bodies across the stage, the way men lusted after them, the beauty in their curves and the softness of their skin glistening in the lights.  I wanted that.  Of course, I couldn’t have that.  What would everyone think?

Fifteen years later I find myself in a candlelit dance studio with a group of women.  Sitting around a pole, music softly playing in the background, I claim my desire to re-connect to my feminine essence.  I explain that somewhere along my journey I have shut down my very being and it’s destroying my life.

That night changed my life forever and what I have gained since has been beyond anything I could have imagined.  Over the several years I have learned to listen to my body.  Pole dancing gifted me with the chance to let go of my mind and surrender her.  Surrendering to the way she wants to move, the music she wants to dance to, the moves she wants to make.

This didn’t happen overnight though.  There were many times when I noticed my mind did not want to trust or honor the intelligence of my body.  My mind would say:  “You want my to do what with just one hand?”  “I’m not strong enough to hold myself upside down!” “ok, that is crazy, I can’t do that!”  “You should not be touching yourself like that”.

There were certain tricks that absolutely required knowing my body would support me and take care of me.  There were so many times when I let go and she surprised me with total delight.  There were other times when I listened to her and chose to do the trick some other time.  Pole Dancing was about tuning in to my body and allowing her to choose what she required in that moment.  It was about honoring where she was that day and choosing for her, not against her.

And then there were the women in my class…the beautiful, courageous women who were on this journey with me.  We clapped, cheered and supported each other.  We celebrated everything.  Nothing was a failure.

How can anything be a failure when you’re honoring you?

Pole dancing wasn’t the only thing that contributed to my transformation.   In 2012, I began adding the tools I was learning in Access Consciousness to my dances.  I was aware that there were things locked into my body that were being released through my dancing.

Over the years my body had picked up judgments and shut herself down from the cruelties of this reality.  All of that was unwinding now and I was finally alive.  In this body.  In this life. Creating and generating beyond anything I could have imagined.  None of this would have been possible if I hadn’t included my body in this journey towards consciousness.

In my universe, pole dancing is an invitation to more consciousness with your body and your being.  In my universe Pole Dancing and Access consciousness have merged into a delicious adventure where I get to explore more of the Being I truly be.  How does it get any better than that?!

Where are you in your journey with your body?

Do you listen to what your body requires?

What would it take to have gratitude for your body?  Honor? Allowance?  Trust?

What is embodiment in this reality?

Be the magic you are!

Patty Alfonso

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