Are you ready to connect with your body in a new way?

Pole Dancing for Consciousness Online has arrived!


Thursday's in June at 9:00 am PT

June 4, 11, 18 and 25

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The entire month for just $150!

Each class will be different depending on what our bodies require that day.

The Taster with Patty Alfonso

In light of current events, I've been inspired to lead a series of online introduction tasters for you! Now more than ever we must get present with our bodies in a whole new way.

Whether you are aware of it or not, your body IS responding to these current events. Some of you may be in the fight, flight or freeze response that is innately part of your body. Moving this energy through and out of the body is imperative to your continued health.

If you are ready to move this energy, The Pole Dancing For Consciousness Introduction Taster Series is for you! A deep dive into your body's feminine wisdom to create more ease during these times.

As we explore your curves, movement, sensuality, and sexualness, you'll discover the forgotten language of your feminine body. You will experience the unapologetic, fierce and free expression of your feminine embodiment.

What does your body want to say? What does she need to say?

And, most importantly, how can we BE there with each other as we say it?

We'll focus on breath, flow, flexibility and warming up your body.

This is a mat-based class...no pole required. This is a body-led class...no minds allowed!

Awaken your feminine body. Embody your pleasure. Unleash your curves.

Is now the time?

The Pole Dancing for Consciousness Introduction Taster Series is filled with:

  • Slow, purposeful movements and stretches suitable for any fitness level
  • Conscious breath and touch
  • Energetic Awakening of Being energies

When you choose this for yourself and your body, you will:

  • Release tension and reduce stress
  •  Unlock places in your body where you are holding limiting patterns
  •  Develop a deeper connection with your breath
  •  Open the lines of communication with your body
  •  Have more gratitude for your body
  •  Awaken your senses and sensuality
  •  Discover what gives your body pleasure

PLEASE NOTE: This class will NOT be recorded...
you must attend LIVE via Zoom.

Thursday's in June at 9:00 am PT

June 4, 11, 18 and 25

All four classes for $150!

What is Pole Dancing For Consciousness?

Is this class for you?

For Ladies Only!

Each class is a one hour taster of moving your body with joy, pleasure, consciousness with a group of amazing women!

What will you need?

  • A yoga mat or soft comfy carpeting
  • A quiet place for you and your body - no distractions
  • Comfortable clothes to move in
  • A computer with the Zoom App
  • Spotify Account (Each class has its own customized playlist. As a bonus, you will receive the playlist 24 hours before the class. You can also add it to the music device of your choice.)

YES! I'll have this now!!

Thursday's in June at 9:00 am PT

June 4, 11, 18 and 25

What are women saying about the Warm-Up Taster?

Kirsty T. Palmerston North, New Zealand

"Thank you Patty for you and everything you have shown me. You looked so beautiful and sensual during the warm-up sessions I had with you. It helped me recognize how much I had locked myself up, how stiff I had become and how much I have been holding onto. I watch you and feel so inspired to be unlocked. I feel the sexualness of my body with no point of view and judgment. The space and kindness you be and create, encourages so much fun and a little naughtiness. And you even made me feel ok for me to have a little rendezvous with a pole! Super excited to have your video series! How does it get any better than that?”

Katherine M. Glenwood Springs, Colorado

“Patty, I didn't know what to expect! I've been practicing loving my body, no matter what shape or size for years, but I didn't know that I was hiding my sensualness from myself! I would only turn it on or up in front of others. This class and your invitation to embody all of me changed my energy, strengthened my relationships, increased the revenue in my business, allowed me to connect to ideas I didn't even know were there, and changed the way I see the world! I highly recommend your work to anyone looking to BE all of them in every area of their life!"”

Jennilynne C., Denver, CO

“When I first heard about Pole Dancing for Consciousness, it sounded really fun...and I had a lot of ideas and opinions about what I could and couldn‘t do. I was afraid of being judged because I'm a mom and a community leader, so I wouldn‘t quite let myself choose it. I'm so glad I finally had the courage to get over those fears. This class opened up an aliveness inside of me that I cannot recall ever experiencing! I have this new level of adoration and appreciation for my body!! All the judgments about how my body has changed since having kids seem to have melted away. I feel more deeply connected with everything and everyone around me. And, I found myself dancing in the middle of the street in a full-on dance marathon in place of my run this morning... something I never would've given myself permission to do before. There's so much magic and possibility available and I feel like I can finally receive it!”

Anne Q., Chicago, IL

“I participated in the class you taught here in Chicago, it was a struggle for me to feel comfortable in any way, physically, emotionally or mentally. I hadn't realized how firmly I had shut the door on some of those parts of my BEing. The awareness I received during and LONG after the class ended, has led me to reawaken such powerful and joyous parts of ME! I am conscious of how much more vital, alive and free I am, and also, of how much MORE there is for me to claim and enjoy! I know that my own allowance has created this, and I am so very grateful for the class I received from you that sparked it all!! Thanks dear one!!! I can‘t wait to try the Infusion of Sensuality and continue my journey with this video!”

Rosie T., Auckland, New Zealand

“Hi Patty, thank you so much for being an invitation for me to choose something different! Being part of your live Essence of You Infusion Series at the 7 Day Event in New Zeland got my body moving in ways it has desired for so long ... My body and I loved it and are truly grateful for you. Looking forward to playing with your video and having more fun. Big Hugs to you, Beautiful”

Diane W., Denver, CO

“I‘ve been missing the meditative kind of class that brings me back into my body and closer to my sensual self. Patty‘s ability to slowly and intuitively guide gives me a chance to experience my body in a grounded, real way.

I can‘t wait for the next installment of the series!”

Who is Patty Alfonso?